How to bet on cricket


Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football. It has been changing constantly, and modern cricket is unrecognizable from the game it was in the beginning. The latest change this sport faced in 2003 when the ECB launched the tournament that is now known as Twenty20. Two years later was played the first international T20 in Auckland. Since then cricket was seen as a fun event that could bring some money to those who enjoy betting on sports.


What tournaments can one bet on?


T20 is no doubt one of the most popular cricket events. This form of the game can make fans even more excited about their bets. It is played in one afternoon with 20 overs for every team.


Test cricket is the oldest form of this game. This way cricket is played over 5 days giving each team an opportunity to win. Also, the match can be finished in a draw.


One Day Cricket - the name of this event is quite self-explanatory. This form gained popularity in the 1970s and made cricket the game we all know and love today. During this event, the game takes one day with 50 overs for every team.


Cricket bet types


The most popular type is match betting - the bet is placed on the team that will win in a certain match. It is the simplest form of bets, still, it has some nuances. You should always note if the bookmaker will just pay for the right bet, or should a certain number of overs be completed for the bet to win. Bookmakers would quite usually introduce additional conditions to make it harder to win.


Another form is called "Series Winner". Choosing this type of cricket betting you will bet on the team that, as you think, will win in a series. The rules are simple here as well. Although, bookmakers can create additional circumstances for the win.


The "Outright Winner" form of betting is popular during tournaments. Here you bet on the team that will win the tournament. It can be tricky due to a large number of teams that participate in it. But odds grow as well, so you have chances to get a bigger profit if you win.


The "Top Batsman" form involves betting on the player that will score the most runs during innings or course, match or series. It is really hard to predict the outcome, but the odds here are quite high usually. The similar type is "Top Bowler" - it requires to predict which player will take the most wickets.


Batsman Contest is an unusual form of betting, although quite simple. It features two batsmen from different teams or even from the same team. You need to predict who will get on top in a certain category.


Betting strategies


Everyone has a different strategy and there is no one-fits-all solution. Advanced gamblers suggest some tips:


  • - learn all nuances of the game and study unusual series;
  • - be focused and follow the activity of teams;
  • - don't trust bookmakers whose terms are too good;
  • - improve your skill during One Day Internationals;
  • - compare your predictions to bookmaker's. If they differ a lot, try to understand why.
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